This list of service providers is given without prejudice. In providing this list, the West Wales Dowsers makes no claim as to the abilities of the dowsers concerned. The society will not accept liability of any kind, nor does it act as an agent for any of the dowsers listed. It is the enquirer’s responsibility to enter into any contact direct with the dowser. The dowser is to be employed on a purely personal basis. The West Wales Dowsers is a society affiliated to the British Society of Dowsers. It is not a requirement of either society that members of the West Wales Dowsers providing these services become individual members of the British Society of Dowsers.

Services provided by Members

Ros Briagha
01269 870175
Stone Circle Creation, Rune and Tarot Readings, Birthchart Interpretations,
Astrology (Carmarthen/Ammanford)

Jennifer Forrest
01437 890257
House Clearance – Geopathic Stress removal and helping earth bound spirits to move on.

Glyn Williams
01269 843867
Reflexology and Reiki.